Incredible Time Saver

Subtitle your videos automatically within minutes

Multi-language support

English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and many more.


1. Upload your video

Upload your video easily to our platform. We subtitle mp4, mov, wmv and avi files.

2. Make adjustments

Use the online subtitle editor to easily adjust the automatic generated subtitles.


3. Download video or .SRT file

Download your finalized SRT file or download a video with burned subtitles directly.

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Developed for influencers, freelancers and agencies

84% of videos on social media are watched without sound.

Videos with subtitles are 80% more likely to be watched in full.

Save time so you can focus on the things you like most.

Core features

Subtitle your videos automatically

User-friendly editor

Our algorithms are accurate but sometimes make minor mistakes. With the user-friendly editor it is easy to adjust subtitles generated. Download the SRT file or download the video with custom colors, fonts and styles.

Overview of all your videos

With VidProve you and your colleagues have access to all of your videos in a convenient portal. Here you can easily edit and download your videos for up to 30 days.

VidProve portal
GDPR proof / Safe to use

Safe to use

All videos are securely stored on our European servers for 30 days and are protected by the European GDPR laws. The videos can only be accessed by you. 

Add subtitles to your video automatically online

What They Say About VidProve?

“The amount of time saves us is incredible. One of the most useful appliances of AI/ML that I’ve seen in the past year.”

VidProve testimonial
Marijn Kortstra
no.dots digital agency

Pricing Plans



Totally free

  • Automatic subtitling
  • Easily editing
  • Videos will be saved for 30 days
  • Support videos up to 10 minutes
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Best suited for everyone with more than 2 videos a month

  • Everything in Free
  • Option to remove watermark
  • Option to download .SRT file
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One time
One time


For users that want to subtitle 1 video

  • Everything in Free
  • Option to remove watermark
  • Option to download .SRT file
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Frequently Asked Questions

VidProve is a platform with which you can subtitle videos automatically and easily.

Because subtitling videos is difficult, time-consuming and annoying. We thought this should be easier. Researches in particular now show that videos that are subtitled on social media are viewed up to 85% better. In addition, we also reach a lot of deaf and hearing-impaired people with a subtitled video. In this way we also contribute socially.

Video extensions .mp4, .mov, .avi are accepted up to 1024 mb. ‍ If you have a video in a different format you can use a free 3rd party video conversion tool.

VidProve supports subtitles in more than 56 languages and dialects. Is your language not yet supported? Let us know!

VidProve is free to use for videos up to 10 minutes. As a courtesy we add a small watermark in the top-right corner of your video. Longer video or no watermark? You can upgrade to a premium plan for just 10 euro a month.

This largely depends on the audio quality of the video. But because you can still check and adjust the subtitles before they are delivered, the output is always the way you want.

No, VidProve does that for you automatically. It places the subtitled text on the correct time points in your video.

Question? Reach out to us

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