Add subtitles to video online

Do you want to add subtitles to your videos? Try VidProve for free. The subtitles are automatically added to your video within minutes. Easily adjust mistakes in the subtitles to make sure your video is subtitled 100% correctly. Adding subtitles to your videos has never been easier. No account required. Try now for free!

Subtitle your videos automatically

1. Upload

Upload your video easily to our platform. We subtitle mp4, mov, wmv and avi files.

2. Edit

Use our online subtitle editor to easily adjust the automatic generated subtitles.


3. Download

Download your finalized SRT file or download a video with burned subtitles directly.

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How people benefit from adding subtitles to their videos

The numbers don’t lie. Adding subtitles to your videos is a wise choice. From now on you also reach the 85% of people who watch videos without sound. But the best: you increase your engagement on your posts.

What does that mean for you? More social proof. And in case of video ads a better quality score, a lower CPC and more clients for the same advertising spend.

of Facebook users views videos without sound
increase of CTA clicks on subtitled videos
more reactions on subtitled videos
increase on share rate of subtitled videos
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How to add subtitles to a video

Adding subtitles to your video is easy. First upload your video. Then grab a cup of coffee while our advanced algorithms do the work for you. A few minutes later you can do a final check by yourself and then upload the video.

Completely automatic subtitling

Subtitles within 20 minutes

Free version available

No billing information required

VidProve is the perfect tool if you're

As a content or social media manager we understand that your time is valuable. You don’t want to spend hours on adding subtitles. That’s why VidProve is your solution.

Probably you are familiar with adding SRT files (or not). This works sh**. Try VidProve and you’ll see how easy it is to add subtitles to your video. No knowledge of SRT files required!

You are always looking for next level tools, right? With VidProve you can easily add subtitles to your video. Increase user engagement on your videos, Improve SEO and save time.

Add subtitles to your video automatically online

What They Say About VidProve?

“The amount of time saves us is incredible. One of the most useful appliances of AI/ML that I’ve seen in the past year.”

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